Black Rainey (;

Rainey. 19. Runnin' Rebel. Taken.

"One does what one is; one becomes what one does."
~Robert von Musil

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Anonymous: ✖ I don't think you'd like me. 

Well give it a try and we’ll find out. Haha.

Anonymous: ✖ I'm too shy :( 

Don’t be shy!!

Anonymous: ✖ mainly because you seem like you're hard to get along with. 

No, not really. Haha. Or at least I don’t think so..



Anonymous: so I'm guessing you have missing e since you have auto tag?? 

You would be guessing correctly.

Anonymous: Descrbe your music taste? 

I listen to a mixture of everything, but I mainly like electronica/trance, acoustic, and rap. hahah.

Anonymous: do you really take the time to tag all of the asks you answer? 

Noo, I have autotag.

Anonymous: why do you have an IP tracker? 

I like seeing who looks at my blog, and from where.

Anonymous: You are seriously the first person I know to think that Dating and being boyfriend/girlfriend is different. 

Well… it is… sooo…

Anonymous: I REALLY WANT THE D! How do I get it!? 

You could try standing on a street corner… Or ask a few people that you know are DTF. I mean if you’re really that desperate.

Anonymous: your background only fades in and out on your ask page.. 

Really? Well that’s unfortunate.

Anonymous: what kind of blogs do you usually follow? 

Blogs like mine.. nature.. funny things.. quotes.. etc.

Anonymous: So what's your resolution for next year going to be? 

Probably just to be more social..

Anonymous: What did you end up getting for christmas? (: 

A lot of things. I’m very fortunate (:

Anonymous: You are soo beautiful and i loooove ur sidebar pic!! 

Thank you!